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Three crows candlestick chart.From the perspective of possible downward driving factors, we believe that potential factors include the further escalation of the epidemic outside of Europe and the United States.

The market generally expects this year’s fiscal policy to play more roles.After the US stock market Dow Jones Industrial Index fell sharply since the 2008 financial crisis triggered on March 9th, the US stock market has experienced four circuit breakers as of last Friday.The degree of financial impact on investor behavior, the rise and fall of A shares themselves are mainly determined by internal factors.

From the perspective of the cross-variety ratio of futures, the 2 times IH/IC ratio has dropped from the highest point of 1.2 in November 2019 to a one-year low of about 1.0, and from a valuation perspective , The valuation of the CSI 500 Index has also risen sharply from the deep opportunity value area (-36%) to (-2%), while the SSE 50 Index valuation has fallen sharply from this year’s holding area (46%) to the deep opportunity value area (- 13%), it can be seen that there is a clear differentiation between the two.Three crows candlestick chart.We believe that this sharp drop in oil prices was to a certain extent affected by the delivery of futures contracts, but it more reflects the suppression and drag on demand caused by the spread of the global epidemic.Three crows candlestick chart.Xinhua Insurance ranked first with a growth rate of 30%, the fastest growth rate in 16 months.

The profit growth rate that month turned from negative to positive, achieving positive growth for the first time this year.Three crows candlestick chart.It can be said that the expected change causes the quantitative change to gradually form a qualitative change, and eventually bursts out to determine the trend.